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If you...

  • Cringe before you check your bank balance
  • Swipe and Hope
  • Want a real plan for buying that house, car, wedding, or amazing vacation

... then you might be ready to gain control of your money.

Your financial reality is REAL whether you look at it or not.

Not facing this part of your life does not make it go away. Not gaining clarity about where your money is and what it's doing leads to reckless spending, more debt, and the very common paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

You CAN learn to manage your money.

You CAN feel peace around money.


YOUR STORY up to this point DOES NOT have to be your reality.

Make this shift now
FREE Confident Money Calculator

“Before my financial coaching with Anita, I totally subscribed to the false narrative that I just wasn’t a ‘numbers person.’

She completely turned that upside down and showed me ways to keep track of my finances that not only made sense but felt really rewarding.

I saved $750 in one single month and with each passing week, that amount grows, now that I understand where all of my money is going. (And staying!) My budget is completely demystified and it’s genuinely life-changing.

It feels more important than ever to understand your money as things shift in the world around us. I feel so much relief and I want everyone to learn from Anita the way I have.”

- Holly W. (Portland, OR)

Advanced Aesthetician & Master Educator

"I am married and my wife works, with two teenagers. We have always had a healthy salary, but always seemed to have money challenges.

We never tracked spending or planned for purchases. Would go through cycles of taking dividends from personal corp to cover shortfalls, and unplanned spends, then get behind on the taxes owing for those spends. Typical bad habits; pay off too much of a credit card or impulse buy, then not have enough for incidentals, take another dividend to cover...

After working with Anita for a few months, I now have a comfort level and understanding of budgeting concepts and how to apply them to YNAB. I have a much clearer picture of our spending (actuals) vs just the big or obvious items. In a very short time, I started noticing a change in behavior; I would question eating out, delay purchases that were not budgeted for, and did a lot more saving and debt paydown.

There is no way I could have done this on my own. Anita has been an invaluable resource, with exceptional knowledge and patience. She has a very positive attitude and is a true partner/coach, who I continue to work with to keep me honest and on track. Along the way we have encountered some challenges that would have for sure stalled me if I was on my own. I would also say that her flexibility and quick responses have been a huge help to address questions/best practices.

I would give Anita a 10/10 and would absolutely recommend her as a partner in your budgeting/personal finance journey."

- Jamie M. (Calgary, AB)

IT Professional & Consultant

As an Abundance Coach, I know how important mindset is,

yet there are also the practical elements of how to make money work for you, no matter how little or how much you make.

Whether you make $20,000 or $200,000 a year if you are using your bank balance to make on-the-spot decisions or swiping that card just hoping for the best...

you're not going to be able to create wealth.

Think about the amount of stress that comes from not having clarity about if you really have enough.

If you would like peace of mind that you can cover the bills, have some fun along the way, and create a savings plan for what's important to you...


This B-word will change your life!

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What You'll Get From Our Work Together...

"As a 41-year-old woman, it is embarrassing to admit I have no clue what I'm doing with my money. I make a very good living, well above the average income, yet I've been living paycheck to paycheck for as long as I can remember.

I've always put my head in the sand and pretended everything is fine and "one day" I'll be good with money.

It was always, "When I make $75,000 I'll be fine and won't be living paycheck to paycheck." Slowly that magical number kept creeping up and I discovered it doesn't matter how much you make, more money doesn't mean all your problems will disappear, in fact, they may grow.

I've "tried" a few different types of budgeting but never really stuck with one because they were all manual processes and still never helped me understand how money works. It was only when I started working with Anita did she simplify what I thought was a complicated thing. She explained to me how money works and how to gain control of it.

I'm no longer living with the crippling anxiety of checking my bank account or credit card statement. I know where my money is going and where I need to make changes in my habits. She's illuminated something that's been a deep, dark part of my life and it turns out... it's not so scary.

I'm working on removing shame and other negative emotions from my money management and inserting pride and confidence.

Anita and YNAB have truly changed my life and it wasn't a magical number I needed, it was a great teacher and a great tool."

- Sam L. (Providence, RI)

Director of Marketing (Tech)

“YNAB is an amazing tool for tracking and planning your spending which are both crucial in wealth creation, but there's a bit of a learning curve and THAT is where Anita comes in!

Spreadsheets, for me, can be overwhelming but after going through the steps with Anita it all became second nature and surprisingly fun! Daily tracking is the fastest way to get control of your finances!

My personal issue was overspending. If I saw something I liked I just bought it without thinking. Every dollar I earned was spent thoughtlessly, but not anymore! Now I take a pause, check my app and see if it's worth it ❤ Do I want this new purse or do I want to build up my vacation fund faster? THIS. IS. A. GAME-CHANGER!

Do it!"

- Jennifer R. (Denver, CO)

Advertising Consultant

“For the first time I actually understand my money and finances, literally all thanks to Anita and YNAB.

I have ADHD and am a compulsive spender. My money was always a mess and I never knew where it had gone. I was always afraid to look at my bank accounts and would avoid them until it was too late.

I had tried to use YNAB in the past and failed, and honestly I would have again if not for Anita's patient guidance. It wasn’t easy, but after a few months I FINALLY get it! My life has been completely changed with her help and I am now on my way to a healthy savings and no longer avoid my bank accounts.

I never dreamed this was possible for me."

- Kat V. (Denver, CO)

Flight Attendant

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